Saeeda Khatoon


Saeeda Khatoon was the daughter of Ejaz Nabi and Zarina Begum . She was born in Agra in 1932. She was named as Khursheed Khatoon by her paternal step-grandmother, Sarwari Begum. Saeeda Khatoon was named as 'Myna' (as Myna bird) as she talked all the time. She died at the age of seven in 1939 at Agra after she was fatally burned by firecrackers while celebrating Shab-e-Bara'at.

Relatives :

Father : Ejaz Nabi
Mother : Zarina Begum
Brother : Anwar Ahmad Siddiqui
Brother : Aftab Ahmad Siddiqui
Sister : Shamsa Khatoon